Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Writing Assignment...TEXT Messaging goes BAD!

I chose to accept the Writing Assignment given by the Blog Queen (mama kat) I am sure you already know where to find her…unless of course you have been locked in a closet somewhere with no access to the internet. And if you have been and are now free…well now is your chance to go over there.

ALSO…while you are at it…head over to STU PIDASSO’s for his Tuesday Caption Contest…which is actually on Wednesday this week….but you have until Saturday to post. Tell him Quita sent you….as I am the reigning champion. I won a CD of my choice and you can win too! It’s easy! This weeks picture is HILARIOUS!!!

Oh..and check out
DIANE ...cause she has a funny pet peeves post...and she is a comment junkie....So make sure you leave her one...but only ONE...careful how you click.

Now...for this weeks assignment...I CHOSE….

You're sitting at work one day and receive a text message from an unrecognized number. The text says, "I have the money and hid the body." You think this is a practical joke from a friend, so you play along at first. But the more texts you receive, the more you realize that it isn't a joke. Write the text conversation you have with this unknown texter.

UNKNOWN: I have the money and hid the body

ME: LOL…U so crrrrazy! Who’s body?

UNKNOWN: W.T.F. are u smokin? Your cop brother in law

ME: LMAO…u know I don’t smoke… and my brother in law is not a cop

UNKNOWN: I need the other half of the money… We had a deal

ME: LOL…yeah but did u hide him in a good spot?

UNKNOWN: huh? Naw lady, I put him on the front step of the police station…wtf do u think

ME: Ha ha! Ur Funny…

UNKNOWN: I need the balance of the money you owe me

ME: and how much would that be smarty pants?

UNKNOWN: U know exactly how much u owe biotch

ME: Oh… I love it when you call me that…lol

UNKNOWN: If U don’t tell me where the money pick-up is…I’m going to call and tell them what U hired me to do

ME: Who you gonna call…Ghostbusters…ha ha…that was my ringback for Halloween…did you hear it??

UNKNOWN: LADY…put that pipe down … I will kill your ass if you don’t give me my money

ME: Okay…this is getting old…ha ha…I’m laughing…now b serious. I’m going to call and talk to U

UNKNOWN: I’m waiting…

ME: I called but U are not who I thought U were—who R U…and why are U talking to me about money & a body?

UNKNOWN: Aren’t U Hockeymom08?

ME: Hell NO I don’t even like hockey. R u a psycho.


Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

LMAO that kicked ass!

Stu Pidasso said...

Hockeymom08 gets 5 for not playing nice!! Sooooo glad my ex doesn't like hockey.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...


Melissa said...

THIS IS GREAT!!!! I love the "who you gonna call...ghostbusters??"

BTW-- you "took" the tuesday caption contest throne from ME, woman!!! he-he :)
It's all good---as long as you share Joaquin!!

angie said...


I couldn't have answered this post since I don't text. It probably wouldn't be very funny with one word answers. :)

Congrats on being the reining caption contest winner. I happened to think your caption was very amusing.

Diane said...

Oh God, I totally snorted when I got to the Hockeymom08 part! Not that I want anyone to die, of course, but maybe something LIKE that will happen before 2012! ;) GREAT post!!!!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

that was great.

Jen said...

that was great. too funny.

Solei said...

LMAO @ the hockeymom08 part!!!! That's way too funny!

Kimber said...

That was so stinkin' funny.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

First good laugh for the morning! Thank you.

Stu Pidasso said...

And I owe you big for the promotional on your page. Thanks!!

Kimmy said...

LOL! Funny creative and funny!!

Mama Kat said...

That's exactly what I would have been like "haha ok so seriously...what?"

Good stuff. :)

landofennui said...

lmao. hockeymom08!!

TattooedMinivanMom said...

Finally! I tried to leave a comment the other day and frickin Blogger wouldn't let me! Blogger's trying to keep us apart! Trying to keep us from finding each other and laughing at our computers so people can think we're weird. NO! I won't let it happen! If it's the last thing I ever do people WILL think we're weird.

jennifer said...

Very funny! So it is true - hockey moms ARE more viscious than Soccer moms. This is good to know.